Getting Involved In VINE

4 Steps to Becoming Involved with the Vine Program

Step 1: Prepare For Your First Call

Fill out as many of the blanks on the VINE Registration Form as you can. Visit the Bexar County Sheriff's Office VINE Program website for more information and to download the V.I.N.E. Registration Form (PDF).

You can get the court case number from the District Attorney's Victim Assistance Program by calling 210-335-2105.

Select a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is easy for you to remember.

Step 2: Locating Information on Offender Status and Court Dates

Call toll-free 1-877-TX4-VINE (877-894-8463) from a touch tone phone. Follow the voice instructions using the information you wrote on the V.I.N.E. Registration Form.

If you need assistance, press 0 to speak to an operator when prompted to choose an option.

Step 3: Registering For Notification

When you register, you will be asked to provide two things:

  1. A phone number where you wish to be notified. Register as many phone numbers as you like (home phone, work phone, etc.). Do not register a phone that rings to a receptionist or a switch board.
  2. A four-digit PIN. Use the PIN you already have chosen. You may use the same PIN with each phone number you register.

Step 4: Receiving A Notification Call

Texas VINE will automatically notify registered persons of offender status and court event changes. To confirm that you have received the notification, enter your four-digit PIN. Texas VINE will keep calling for 24 hours until this PIN is entered.

You will receive notification under the following circumstances:

  1. the offender is released or transferred;
  2. a court event has been set or changed;
  3. the offender has died in jail or escapes.

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