Animal Control & Care Unit

Lost Pet

If you lost a pet bring a picture and other important information to the City of Windcrest Police Department or call 210-655-2666 to have an Animal Control officer dispatched to take the report.

Found Pet

To claim your found pet, you will need to provide proof of ownership and will be responsible for any fines and fees as outlined in our Animal Code of Ordinances.

All found pets become adoptable after 7 days 


Contact Windcrest Animal control or Visit Adopt-A-Pet if you are interested in adopting a pet

  1. Found Pets
  2. Lost Pets

Breed: Mixed Color: Tan & White Sex: Male Contact: N. Burgett

Breed: PIT Color: Tan & White Sex: Male Contact: N. Burgett

Breed: Hound Mix Color: Black & Tan Striped Sex: Male Contact: N.Burgett

Breed: Pitbull Color: Black and White Sex: male Status: Adoptable Contact: N. Burgett

Black male Pitmix

Breed: Pitbull Color: Brindle Sex: Male Status: Adoptable  Contact: N. BurgetBreed: Collie Mix Sex: Male Color: Black & White Status: Adoptable Contact: Officer N. Burgett

Breed: Collie Mix Sex: Female Color: Brindle Status: Adoptable Contact: Officer N. Burgett

Collie Mix Brindle Female

Breed: Heeler mix Sex: Male Color: White/Black Status: Adoptable Contact: Officer N. Burgett

Breed: Lab Mix Sex: Female Color: Yellow Status: Adoptable Contact: Office M. BernalWHITE LAB

Breed: Pitbull Sex: Male Color: White/Tan Status: Adoptable Contact: Officer M. Bernal

Breed: Pit mix Sex: Male Color: Grey/White Status: Adoptable  Contact: Officer M. Bernal

Pitbull Grey and White Male

Breed: Bull mix Sex: Male Color: white & grey Status: Adoptable Contact: N. Burgett

Grey Pitbull