Parks & Recreation Commission


The Commission coordinates regulations for the use of public playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation centers, parks, and other city-owned recreational facilities. Please refer to Sec. 26-22 in the Windcrest Code of Ordinances for the complete list of responsibilities of the Commission. 

Information about the Parks & Recreation Commission can be found in Ordinance No. 2019 - 690 (O) and COW Code of Ordinance Chapter 26, Article II

The Parks and Recreation Commission is committed in supporting efforts toward building a strong, vibrant and resilient community through the parks and recreation. On August 2, 2021, City Council adopted the Parks and Recreation Open Space Plan.     


Parks And Recreation Commission The seven-member Parks and Recreation Commission was formed in 2000 to foster the development and enhancement of the City’s parks and recreational areas.


  1. Jim Flinn - Vice Chair
  3. Jay Eldridge
  4. David C. Hook - Chair
  5. Scott Lee-Ross 
  6. Kevin Malcom Jr.
  7. Monica Baietti


  • Alt. #1: Amanda Briones
  • Alt. #2: Lamar Lawson

Application to Serve

Applications may be submitted online, in person, or by mail to the Office of the City Secretary at City Hall, City Administration Office located at 8601 Midcrown, Windcrest Texas, 78239.

Staff Advisor: Rachel C. Dominguez, City Secretary - Email the City Secretary


Meeting are done as needed at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber at City Hall located at 8601 Midcrown, 78239.