The Jamaican Switch

A man with a foreign accent is seeking a hotel or rooming house. He can't read or write and asks you for help. He shows a large sum of money and offers to pay for your assistance. Another man will approach and caution the stranger to put the money in a bank. He says he does not trust banks, but if you prove you can make a withdrawal he will put his money in a bank. You go to the bank and make a withdrawal. He gives you his money tied in a handkerchief and begs you to be careful. 

The second man suggests you place your money in the same handkerchief for safety. He will show you how to carry it under the arm or in the bosom. He may open his jacket or shirt and insert his hand with the handkerchief, at this time switching the handkerchief for another identical one. The strangers leave and you examine the handkerchief only to find you have pieces of newspaper.

How to Avoid

Do not turn any money over to strangers.

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