Business and Residence Camera Registration

                                      Windcrest Police Department
                 Business and Residence Camera Registration

 The mission of the camera registrationprogram is to work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality oflife for the citizens of Windcrest. Identifying businesses and residences withvideo surveillance systems that may have captured police-related incidents inpublicly viewable areas around their businesses and homes, will help us solveand deter crime. Police investigators may contact you to inquire if evidencehas been recorded on your system. Police may request a copy of that recording.You are not obligated to turn over any recording and may decline to do so.Participation in the registration program is strictly voluntary and withoutremuneration and may be withdrawn at any time. By completing the cameraregistration form you agree to the following terms and conditions:

          ·        You are the owner or an authorized representative of the owner toparticipate in the camera registration program. 
         ·        Registrants shall not consider themselves employees, agents,representatives or under the direction of the City of Windcrest or theWindcrest Police Department.

          ·        Video or images captured may be used incriminal proceedings as evidence.

          ·        You are fully responsible for your own video surveillance systemand assume all risk and liabilities associated with operating said system.

         ·        You agree to hold the City of Windcrest, Texas and the WindcrestPolice Department harmless of your participation in the camera registrationprogram.

CLICK LINK BELOW and complete the Camera Registration form.  Deliver the completed form to Windcrest Police Department

Camera Registration