Ethics Commission


The City of Windcrest Ethics Commission has the authority and duty to investigate written complaints of alleged unethical behavior by a member of the City Council or a member of a City-appointed board, commission or committee and to make a recommendation to the City Council on the complaint and potential action, if any.

Members :

Effective March 1, 2019, the City of Windcrest Ethics Commission shall consist of five (5) members of the community appointed by the City Council who shall be citizens of Windcrest. Each appointed member shall be appointed for a two (2) year term by the City Council. Due to the nature and role of the Ethics Commission, an appointed member of the Commission can be removed by an affirmative vote of no less than four (4) City Council members. The City Council may vote to fill an unexpired term by an affirmative vote of three (3). Members of the Commission may be removed with or without cause.


1. Rose Marie Caballero (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2021)

2. Jill S. Vogel (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2020)

3. Carol Hobaugh (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2021)

4. Peter Van Dusen (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2020

5. James "Jim" McClain (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2021)

A1. JoAnne Cole-Higgins (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2020)

A2. Monica Baietti (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2021)

Ethics Complaint Form - 2019