WCCPD Board of Directors

Purpose & Responsibilities

(November 2009) The WCCPD Board of Directors is responsible for the oversight of the Windcrest Crime Control and Prevention District (WCCPD). Together with the Chief of Police, the Board of Directors establishes and funds projects to improve law enforcement efforts. The WCCPD was established under State law to allow the collection of $0.0025 sales tax revenue to supplement the Windcrest Police Department. 


President: Dr. William Mueller

Vice President: Margaret (Jeanie) Weidenbach

Staff Advisor: Al Ballew, Chief of Police


  • Donald Cummings
  • Bill Lambrides
  • Wesley Manning
  • Edwin Miles
  • Dr. William Mueller
  • William Roberts Jr.
  • Margaret (Jeanie) Weidenbach


This board meets as needed at  5 p.m. in the Council Chambers, of City Hall.